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Super Science

Discover how to make abstract science concepts concrete, how to make any lesson engaging and memorable and, at the same time, make your pupils more independent. Find out what the seven C’s* and DIRT** are and why they are vital to outstanding lessons.

Using many of the techniques described in his book ‘The Perfect (Ofsted) Science Lesson’, John Beasley will show you how to create engaging, mysterious science starters and a range of engaging activities in which the students themselves much more responsible for their own learning. He will show you how to:

  • avoid blinding your students with science by getting them to co-design success criteria
  • use modelling to show what success looks like
  • teach content through projects
  • give great feedback and teach your students how to peer assess
  • get feedback from your students
  • use assessment as learning

John will also outline the habits of the best learners, why students need to be taught them and show how a growth mindset and a basic understanding of how the brain works can transform outcomes.

* Challenge, Criteria, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Competition, Choice.
** Dedicated improvement and reflection time.
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