1:1 Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching by a qualified and experienced coach, Jackie Beere OBE MBA.

To address anxiety, weight loss, career or business issues, performance, change management, perfectionism, wellbeing, unwanted habits, addictions, relationship issues and happiness.

Free first one-hour session followed by an opportunity to sign up for a package of sessions to suit your needs. I can work with you in person, or over a video call.

We’ll have an initial consultation over the phone to gain a clear of understanding of what you want to achieve, before we design a bespoke coaching programme with relevant guidance and to help you meet your goals.  This can be anything from a 1 hour session to a 6 month coaching programme depending on your needs and budget.

Private coaching can include:

  • Discussion of personal needs and context – developing an understanding of how thinking works for and against your needs
  • Examples to help gain clarity about addressing personal and career challenges and obstacles
  • Developing communication skills, from relationships to public speaking
  • Addressing particular issues or habits such as weight, perfectionism, anxiety, confidence or destructive habits

The coaching consists of 1:1 meetings plus video, phone and online support.

To book a consultation

Call Jackie on 07719122162 or email us at jackie.beere@virgin.net.



£70 per hour
£250 per half day
£450 per day


£120 per hour
£400 per half day
£800 per day

Coaching options

You can book an individual session, however a series of sessions is preferred if you’re seeking a more significant transformation.  Discounts will apply for more long-term support.  Corporate packages are also available where private coaching is needed for multiple staff members.

Starter package (recommended)

You have the option to create a training programme that suits you and your schedule, but many people opt for our standard starter package:

FREE 1 hour session followed by weekly real or video meetings and online follow up for 6 months. Price is negotiable for this package depending on requirements but prices for a 6 month package start at £3000.

Phone 07719122162 or email jackie.beere@virgin.net for more information.

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