Get the Grit

A Resilience Workshop which Develops a ‘Growth Mindset’ in your Organisation.

This workshop can be adapted to train teachers and to plan programmes for pupils to make them more independent learners.

Raise performance and improve wellbeing in your organisation through resilience training with Jackie Beere, who has years of experience in coaching and personal development in the workplace.

About the workshop

Intelligence is not fixed. Effort is the path to mastery. For success in exams, employment and in life, determination, optimism, emotional intelligence and a growth mindset are crucial.

But many people don’t know this, so they give up too easily and don’t fulfil their potential or progress in their lives, roles or careers. Having a ‘fixed mindset’ can lead to people plateauing because the risk of getting things wrong means they avoid tough challenges and so miss out on learning new things.

Research by world-leading psychologists Carol Dweck and Martin Seligman show that the qualities needed for success can be taught and developed. This workshop will give you resources and strategies to make a real impact on colleagues and employees which support both their personal and your organisational goals.

This workshop will:

  • Show how people need to have self-regulation strategies and resilience to improve performance
  • Show you strategies to develop these that can be used in small group work and with individuals
  • Provide tools to take away which you can use in your organisation

Benefits of attending:

  • Understand the importance of developing ‘grit’ in the workplace
  • Discover the habits of the very best learners and see how this impacts on progress and performance
  • Be introduced to activities that develop learners and learning
  • Learn how to coach people to become more resilient by challenging limiting beliefs
  • Lessons in emotional intelligence for groups or individuals
  • Action planning

Who should attend:

This workshop is suitable for people looking to build resilience in their organisation and have a positive impact on the potential of themselves or others.

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